Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kohlenkeller - Ein ganz privater Raum am Mexikoplatz
Address: Sven-Hedin-Straße 5 14163 Berlin
Country: GER
Phone: +45 (0)30/813 33 57

Programme: – Three Danish Songs from ’Højskolesangbogen’ (arr. by Svend Hedegaard) – Teyatá by Stephen Wingfield (CAN) – Cancion y Danza 1, Cancion y Danza 2 and Cuna(Berceuse) by Frederico Mompou (arr. by Kristian Gantriis) – A Selection of Tangos from Argentina (arr. by Pepe Ferrer) – Kora music from Mali by Toumani Diabaté and Ballake Sissoko (arr. by Derek Gripper/Reza Khota)